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If you’re new to Photoshop, you might be asking yourself, “Is Photoshop that expensive?”

That isn’t the worst question to ask. Photoshop is expensive, but there are ways to save money on purchasing a copy. It can also be costly to learn the skill set needed to produce the best images, and there are some other programs that are more reasonably priced and more beginner-friendly.

Image Editing Professionals Need Not Apply

To work in the editing business, you must be comfortable with the tools and understand how to use them.

Some Photoshop users get into a state of “automation” with the program, and never look at their layers. They just cut, copy, and paste to create their next image. While you can do some good work that way, it’s very time-consuming and lacks creativity.

If you aren’t interested in automating your processes, you might want to rethink the need to buy a copy of Photoshop.

If you are using the program to create concepts, lay out pages, and so on, then you don’t need the pro tools included in Photoshop. Depending on your needs, you might not even need any Photoshop skills.

If you have a simple idea, you can create mockups and wireframes in Photoshop. You can even create actual frames in Photoshop.

If you need to mimic a professional, you can hire a graphics designer to produce the images you need. They know how to create perfect images, and they have the skill to create them at a lower price. You can use their work in your projects.

It’s not necessarily that Photoshop is pricey. Rather, it’s that your needs might not match the features of Photoshop.

Limited Editions, Beta Versions

When you buy Photoshop, you’re getting an almost final version of the program, but not quite. There are always new updates to Photoshop. You may be offered more features and a new interface.

Sometimes you’re offered a beta version of the software, which is more likely when you’re buying from a retailer like Adobe or Eizo. These versions usually offer a slightly older version of the software than the final release and a new interface. You might also find special editions of Photoshop that are aimed at professionals.

The downside to downloading these beta and limited editions of Photoshop is that if the “new” features are critical to your work, you have to wait to upgrade.

Cheap Alternatives

There are

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Adobe Photoshop is the most popular professional image editing software. It is a full-featured and customizable image editing tool.

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular professional image editing software. It is a full-featured and customizable image editing tool.

Converter is a free image editing software to convert JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, PSD, PSD, and many other image types.

Converter is a free image editing software to convert JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIF, PNG, PSD, PSD, and many other image types.

You can make in-app purchases with no hassle with this top Android app store.

The famous Adobe® Photoshop® is one of the most powerful, sophisticated and flexible image editing tools.

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Deep learning apps in the USPTO database are applicable to our ggplot2 example.

To apply a Markov model filter to an image, download and extract the R code below:

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How to get the y-position of a child within a parent div

I have a parent div with overflow hidden. Within the div is a child div. I need to get the y-position of the child.

var height = document.getElementById(‘parent’).style.height;
console.log(“height is ” + height);
console.log(“getElemmentById(‘parent’) is ” + getElementById(‘parent’).getElementsByTagName(“div”)[0]);
console.log(“getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop is ” + getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop);
console.log(“getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop-height is ” + getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop-height);

I tried, but not able to get the y-position of the child.
My Outputs are:
height is 800px
getElementById(‘parent’) is .
getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0] is [object HTMLDivElement].
getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop is null.
getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop-height is undefined.


getElementsByTagName(‘div’)[0].offsetTop-height is undefined

is correct. You should select the child first:

const parent = document.getElementById(‘parent’);
const child = parent.children[0];

#parent {
height: 400px;
overflow: hidden;
width: 500px;
background: red;

For this you need a node, that has child nodes (like div).


I think that the problem in your code is that you call getE

System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP SP2 / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Pentium III 1.0 Ghz or higher / Athlon 1.0 Ghz or higher
Memory: 256 MB RAM
DirectX: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 40 MB free space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7900GS or ATI Radeon HD 2600XT with 512 MB of Video RAM
DVD-ROM Drive: Windows Vista SP1 or newer