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Sms Spambot is designed to send SMS messages (SMS Bot) and Mobile phone phone calls (SMS Trojan) at the click of a mouse without the need to own a phone number or register an account.
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I am an organization that does not have the resources to spend on software like Spam Assassin. We have an intranet (AS/400) site with a number of shared resources (web files) and we need to protect them from spam. By the time we get software to protect them, we…

Spam Networks is a downloadable application for Windows. It is designed to make life easier for you by allowing you to quickly and easily create a firewall to protect your email server from the threat of a spam attack. The protection included in Spam Networks…

Spam Launcher is a tool that allows you to rapidly launch spam messages by pressing a single shortcut keystroke. It is the best solution to quickly eliminate a vast number of spam messages, without having to search through all your emails to find the ones that…

Spaminator is a tool for text-switching tools. The contents of the target message are replaced by the contents of the current message. With this tool you can communicate with your remote text-spamming / email-auto-replying friends and family.
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I’m tired of trying to go through a long list of messages to delete junk messages with junk email attachments before I can view new email messages. SenderID removes the junk email attachments, so that I can view my emails without being bothered by the junk…

Spam Spinner lets you to send spam messages from your phone with only a few clicks. Now you can setup autoresponders on your phone, read message receipts, and write replies with just a few clicks.
One of the main features of this app is a built in spam email…

SpamBot is a very powerful anti-spam and anti-malware application for Windows. One of the first features of the application is that after you install the software, you will have a lot more control over the software. It allows you to easily and intuitively use…

Spam-In-A-Box is a tool designed to aid in the detection and removal of spam. The interface is similar to Add/Remove programs in Windows XP

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Web-site owners are now required to conform to a huge variety of web-site requirements. Though some of them are more or less agreeable, others are simply impossible to navigate. On the other hand, they have to be complied, because they’re necessary for the users to have simple access to the site and to get the information they’re supposed to be served with.

How can a web-site owner be sure that he’s prepared for all the web-site requirements he has to get right? Let’s say, he is provided with a professional web designer, a graphic designer, a web-site developer, and even a tester. The question may come up: is there anything they can’t do?

Wrong! There are some web-site requirements that are simply impossible to comply with. They are so totally improper that it’s almost impossible to be sure that they are done. Therefore, a web-site owner is better off with no web-site requirements at all.

Here are some examples of the most common improper web-site requirements.

Web-site Requirements for the Best Web-Site Designs

1. Making a web-site look like other web-sites

While this idea seems like a good one, it’s obviously impossible to make a web-site look like the well-known web-sites. Each web-site has its distinctive styles and the only way to approach it is to create a web-site that is specific to your own preferences and preferences.

2. Making a web-site look like other web-sites of the very same business

A web-site is no place to be confused and desperate to communicate the specific message. It’s not meant to be a shop window. It’s not intended to be a communication or a portal for providing users with lots of information about your business or your products and services.

The advantage of a web-site looks like a web-site of the very same business is that it increases the efficiency of the web-site design. It makes it look like one of the well-known web-sites of the very same business. Only, the web-site that looks like a site of the very same business will never beat well-known sites in terms of search engine optimization, traffic and visitor numbers.

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Complainterator aims at the removal of the revenue earning end of the spam, the web sites that do the selling or infecting. Get Complainterator and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

ToshiWifiManager aims at the
removal of the revenue earning end of the spam, the web sites that do the selling or infecting. Get ToshiWifiManager and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!
ToshiWifiManager Description:
ToshiWifiManager aims at the removal of the revenue earning end of the spam, the web sites that do the selling or infecting. Get ToshiWifiManager and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

DjViewer Description:
DjViewer is a full featured WinForms (C#) application which allows you to files without the need of ‘djviewer-lite’ or ‘djtoolkit’.
DjViewer comes with a ‘djnotebook’ (notebook mode) as well as a ‘djplaylist’ (playlist mode) so that it allows you to view files. DjViewer is designed to be an easy-to-use and fun application, with a wide range of features and fully optimized user interface

Razzia Antispam 2.4.0
Razzia Antispam 2.4.0 Description:
Razzia Antispam 2.4.0 offers protection against the most common malicious URL based exploits and the associated spam, phishing and malicious social-engineering attacks. It provides excellent performance thanks to the new engine from anti-spyware-software maker, Cyota.

SpamAssassin 2.4.4
SpamAssassin 2.4.4 Description:
SpamAssassin is a modular anti-spam toolkit, written in Perl. It’s full of special tricks to fight spam. Its author, Darren Hiebert, makes sure that SpamAssassin is very well-engineered, object-oriented and extensible. It also has a standard configuration file (a special type of script) that helps write your own rules. And best of all, you can easily connect to the Internet and experiment with what SpamAssassin

What’s New In?

Your web sites are now full of automatic spammers and junk emails. They’re clogging up your servers, and your inbox with complaints from angry clients.
Now, your customers just hate you.
Now, you’re losing money every day.
Now, you need to get your spam problems under control once and for all.
And Complainterator is the perfect tool for the job.
Using the automated complaint-generation tool in your web sites, Complainterator looks up exactly how you’re being infected, and generates the spam complaint in exactly the right language.
That complaint, if you’re lucky, alerts the web site administrator that the complaints are real, and encourages them to hire anti-spam staff.
It lets the website know that it’s not alone. The person who’s complaining isn’t just spammed every day by an amateur spammer.
He’s your customer. And he’s sending Complainterator to his web site administrator.
That’s something that everyone who works in Internet technology can understand, and start doing something about.
So use Complainterator, it’s easy to use, and really does work great for taking the spam away from you.
Just take Complainterator for a spin on your web sites to see what it can do for you.
It does the work for you by screening your web sites for the type of spam it finds, and goes to work.
It looks at exactly what the spammer’s doing to your web site, and develops the complaint you’re going to send to the website administrator.
Once you send that complaint to the website administrator, Complainterator’s going to check and recheck it to make sure it’s right.
It’ll follow up with the client, and email the administrator the reports of your spam problem.
It’ll keep doing this every day for as long as you want, sending all the spam complaints it finds and all the spam complaints generated by Complainterator for you.
And even if you’re not using Complainterator, it still does this for you.
Just leave your account with the program running in the background, and it’ll keep up with any problem it finds on your web sites.
And if you want to get Complainterator’s complaint-generation features at your own web sites, as well, we’ll give you a Complainterator training CD that teaches you exactly how to use Complainterator and makes it work for you

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or newer
Mac OS X 10.9 or newer
Internet Connection required to play singleplayer mode
Screen Resolution: 800 x 600 or greater
Click on the STEAM icon in your top left corner of your desktop
STEAM will launch and install the game.
The game will launch automatically, and it may take up to 20 minutes to load the game, depending on your internet connection speed. After it’s loaded, you may see the error “SteamCrasher.dll was not found.” from Steam