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Android toIp says 0 when it is correct

Android’s toIp() always returns 0 when it shouldn’t.
E.g. the same IP should return, but instead returns 0.
Isn’t that a bug?


Try the toString method instead.
I use this in my TcpClient class which supports both Android and Java.
public String toString() {
return getHostName() + “:” + getPort();


Ways to get IPv4 addresses:

Returned by getLocalIpAddress() function of NetworkInfo class.
Returned by the nativeGetCurrentNetwork() function of Network class.
Returned by nativeGetStaticIpAddress() function of Network class.
Returned by function of Network class.

Which one you use depends on your requirements.

syntax = “proto3”;


import “envoy/config/core/v3/base.proto

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