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DirView Crack+ Free Download [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]

DirView Activation Code can list files and directories, including hidden files and directories.
It can also display file sizes, modification times, last modification times and file dates.
It can produce reports containing lists of files and directories, sorted by path, file date, file size, file type, modification date and more.
It also offers automatic file (extension) type detection using file content or file attributes, such as filenames, creation dates, bytes, size, etc.
It can read Windows volumes, ZIP archives, ZIP archives with a BPMD, BTP and LZH and LZO files, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12, NTFS and HFS (Mac OS X and Linux versions only), DSC, HFS+ (Mac OS X), HFS+ x86 (Mac OS X), HPFS/NTFS/exFAT (Windows), HPFS (Windows), HFS (Windows), ISO (ISO-9660), NTFS x86 (Windows), NTFS (Windows), QCD, UDF (Vista only) and more.

Configuration parameters

The PATH parameter is used to define where to start looking for files. Multiple paths may be separated with commas. The default setting is to list the top-level directories listed in the PATH environment variable, (in this case: C:\Direcotories).

List files (Sort By):

Create HTML report (.html format, not.html with tables):
The HTML report is created using the same layout as the description (except

DirView Crack + [Win/Mac] [March-2022]


DirView is a tool that allows to see file and directory listings in text or HTML format.

== Features

1) View directory listings:
– views file directory entries as both text and HTML with full paths (also file/directory sizes and modification times)
– user-defined views can be saved as profiles

2) Recursive directory listings:
– recurses into subdirectories to show all their contents
– this is done in case when the main directory (the one that view is opened on) contains subdirectories

3) Configurable sorting/filtering (from simple to complex):
– sorting by:
– name (text)
– size/modification date
– type
– filtering (to only show specific types of files):
– only show files/folders
– only show hidden files

== Major changes from 1.x to 2.0

DirView is now a full featured directory listing software and supports more than one view.

=== Directory Tree Views

A directory tree can now be opened on separate panels. The same panel can be used for different views, as much as you like!

=== Background Workers

DirView can now run tasks in the background (as separate processes) while you view directories. This means that you can add a subdirectory to the directory tree and it will appear after the directory has been opened.

=== Recursive Directory Listings

Users can now have many different directory trees opened at the same time.

=== Background processes

DirView now allows to run tasks in the background and show their results.

=== Removable USB Drives Support

DirView can now be used to view files on removable USB drives, even if they don’t have mount points.

=== Archiving/Protection Support

DirView now supports archiving and protection.

=== Profile System

DirView now contains a profile system that allows to store user defined directory tree views.

=== Searching

DirView now allows to search through directory trees.

=== Repository Storage

DirView now contains a repository storage system that allows to save and

DirView Crack + Torrent

DirView is a simple, yet powerful Windows GUI application that
allows you to view file directories and display their contents. DirView can be used to output the contents of any selected directory to a report, for example: html, rich text, xml, csv, and a variety of other formats.
This software was designed to be easy and fast to use; it also allows you to export the data to a variety of formats.

This is our best viewed in IE 8 with Macromedia Flash Player version Minimum requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or later, Macromedia Flash Player 9.0, and Windows 7 operating system.


The screenshots in this tutorial were taken on Windows 7 ultimate

The source code is also available on GitHub.


You can use Dev-C++. I have used it in the past to open a folder and print the files present.
If you want to display all files inside a particular folder, just do something like this
for (int i = 0; i Open and then browse to the location of the folder and select the folder that you want to list the files of.

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What’s New in the DirView?

Report on files and directories


Command Line Interface
Flexible report generation
Flexible filters
Represents a directory tree
Compressed file representation
Recursive and sensitive
Basic report specification and usage example

Tracks directory changes over time
Represents as tree, or as list


First, you must install Tomcat server to host your app (should be default in linux distro).

Second, download and unzip to some directory (default is appdir/DirView/)

Third, edit ( and add your username and password to the right place, for example:
stmt = (new com.mcafee.dirview.Statement(sessionProps.getUser(), sessionProps.getPassword()));

Your app must be stored in lib directory. That’s why you should use the dirview.jar file, found in (currently revision 456).

That’s all. Run your application, and you should get a list of files, with all relevant infos (size, modify time,…).


MageMonitor comes to the rescue, I found it a bit lacking in the configuration options. The end result worked out pretty well, and allowed me to get the information I needed with as little configuring as possible.

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