Elden Ring is a new fantasy action RPG where a group of heroes attempt to revive a kingdom under siege in a distant land called “The Lands Between.”

The protagonist is a nobleman named Tarnished under the Elder of a race called “Elden”. After an attack by a sinister force called “Void”, the evil are born in the Lands Between, and the heroes are summoned from the Earthly Realm to the world above. Because you have only one life, and the world can be easily destroyed, you must strive to defeat the evil completely and save the world.

Following the success of the Vana’diel Online project for the “Chrono Trigger” game series and the “Eorzea” project for the “Final Fantasy XV” game series, we are leading the development of a new fantasy action RPG. The main goal of the “Elden Ring” project is to create an online fantasy RPG with a seamless, fun, and deep RPG battle system, as well as a vast open world with various situations and dungeons.

We also aim to restore the feeling of freedom in an RPG game. In an RPG game, there are many things to unlock, but these items are not obtained by grinding in endless battles.


An epic drama told in fragments. An online fantasy RPG with a variety of stories that can all be enjoyed when playing in co-op multiplayer. A world full of a diverse range of decisions awaits you.

[Game Features]

1. A Vast World Full of Excitement

A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected. When you travel on your horse, you will encounter challenges, and when you fight monsters, you will be able to make smart decisions to expand your world. You will be able to advance further than ever through different circumstances and situations.

2. A World Where the Investigation of Things Is Rewarded

From the detailed character design to the whole environment, every part of the game is designed with a sense of wonder, so that you can deeply feel the joy of coming across something that you have never encountered before. While playing, you will think, “What if this was like a game?” and you will remember what the game is like.

3. An RPG Battle System where Everything Comes Together

An action RPG battle system


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A vast world full of open areas, local dungeons, and the main quests, where you will meet unique enemies.
  • Experience an epic drama that unravels, depending on your mind and actions.
  • A multitude of possible progression paths and forms of play.
  • The fantastic world of the Lands Between and its many strange creatures, and its rich world information.
  • An addictive and challenging skill increase experience system.
  • An online play system that allows you to directly connect with your friends and parties.
  • and much more…
  • Elden Ring system features:

    • Customizable character classes, which include a wide range of weapons and armor.
    • Comprehensive action parts.
    • A skill increase experience points system.
    • A variety of weapons and armors that provide additional bonuses to your weapons and armors.
    • A powerful team battling system that offers management support, as well as the ability to form a team in PvP battles.
    • Upon acquiring skills via experience points, and with the use of a certain strategic sequence of action parts, you can earn additional story scenes that provide additional experience and skills.
    • A renowned battle system that is easy to learn, yet difficult to master.
    • Characters that possess several combinations of weapons, armors and magic.
    • A variety of techniques that allow the story to develop in multiple directions, such as direct actions, gathering actions, etc.
    • Also provide a variety of issues and behaviors with monsters.
    • An AI system to control enemies.
    • Enormous number of monsters and enemies.
    • Elden Ring will keep you captivated with its constantly changing online environment!

    Elden Ring availability:

    • Elden Ring is currently available in Japanese.
    • Regional differences may affect the availability of certain features, so please be aware of these before you make your decision.


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    – High Production Quality Graphics
    – Use a variety of cool characters, armor, weapons, and magic to create your own play style.
    – Experience action packed battles featuring deadly weapons and gravity.
    – Optimized Graphics for a variety of devices.
    – Easy Access to the Skills, Magic, Accessories, and Equipment that you equip to your characters.
    – Asynchronous online play that lets you feel the presence of other players.
    – The story unfolds in the Lands Between. An epic drama where many different thoughts converge.

    Character and Magic:
    – The world of Tarnished has various kinds of characters and monsters that lead to an epic drama full of a variety of situations.
    – Create your own variety of characters to experience a variety of play styles.
    – In addition to default figures, you can design your own items to equip to a character.
    – The magic that you have learned helps you overcome the challenges.

    – You can freely assign skill points to abilities that you have learned.
    – It is not necessary to equip the same equipment as your character.
    – Use an equipment scroll to search for the equipment that you need, and equip the desired equipment to your character.

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    A Superb Fantasy World

    We are all filled with nostalgia and memories when we think of the fantasy world we played in the previous game. We tried our best to apply the same image that we first read in stories we read as children to the creation of the Tarnished world.

    -A legendary Elden series action RPG gets the best work of Studio A-1 Pictures, who worked on the excellent “Spirited Away”


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    You can go to the page to download the OS.

    You can go to the page to download the application.

    You can go to the page to download the UMD.

    We look forward to your feedback.

    Stalin Studios

    Friday, August 20, 2017

    We will look forward to your feedback.

    We hope that you look forward to the game!

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Updates and new content are being planned including new races, costumes, skills and more.



    Download Elden Ring [Latest-2022]

    Download Link:

    Install It

    extract the installers using 7zip.exe!!!

    Note: If you don’t know how to use 7zip.exe you can use winzip!!!

    CLICK Here!


    1. Copy installers and take to Desura game’s directory [for example: C:/Tarnished]

    2. Run installers from desktop shortcut [If You can not find this option just go to desura game’s directory and right click on this folder then you will find this option]

    3. If You have problem to start game just delete installers directory and run Installer again from desura’s game directory.

    4. If You got problem to download games and installers You can check your connection or try again!

    5. If You had problem while installing You have problem with your Steam

    6. If You don’t have steam you can download/install it from here –

    Desura Link:

    7. Run game and enjoy!

    How to install the game on pc/linux/android/ios/smartphone

    1. You must own game’s Humble Bundle account to activate the Steam account.

    2. Once you activated steam account by using Humble Bundle account.

    2. Go to Humble Bundle website and download original game (for PC here

    3. Go to your steam directory and copy game’s install folder to your steam directory.

    4. Run game’s installers. [In case if you don’t know how to use 7zip.exe you can use winzip!!!]

    5. After running installers, you should have installer for a pc game.

    6. Install [installer for PC game] to your steam folder.

    7. Go to steam account management page and click on “Add a non-Steam game to your account.”

    8. After that click on “Browse local files” and locate your steam folder where you copied installation of game


    How To Crack:

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