The HyperMotion Technology, implemented by the Scottish company D-fusion, has been honed by skilled D-motion engineers to better reflect the range, character and distinct style of each player. The addition of this technology delivers the greatest-possible player immersion and allows the player to act and react more naturally. The debut of this technology, along with a fresh new visual engine, introduces a number of bold changes.

To view a video explaining the technology and its features, check out the official announcement video below:


Kick Off Trailer Released

The kick-off trailer, called “FIFA 20,” was released today. Check out the trailer here:


Gameplay Improvements

In FIFA 22, gamers will notice a number of gameplay improvements that will make the game feel even better than the new features!

Foul Shows

Foul Shows have been introduced to the sport: if a player commits a foul, the referee will now step in with a red card and display the foul on the screen.

Referees now make a snapshot of the foul, so they can judge the foul on their own without having to watch the action again!

Pitch Control

Pitch Control is a new fundamental aspect of the game – Ultimate Team now has control over every field in the match. This means Ultimate Team now has complete, full control over the pitch, and can decide to start the game at a certain stadium, or select a stadium from the menu.

The Pitch Control feature has been introduced to improve how the game feels on both the regular and higher difficulties, giving players the ultimate control over how the match will unfold.

Ultimate Team Cards, Select Events, and Global Season

The Ultimate Team Cards have been completely re-imagined to better reward high-level play. When starting a new game, gamers are now instantly rewarded with customizable collections from top leagues across the world. All featured Ultimate Team cards have been further enhanced, with cards from every FUT 22 game of the week.

Players can also now experience FUT Champions events, and unlock the Best Shouts, Best Players, and Best Team of the Season.

All changes are also reflected in the Global Season. The Global Season now contains 20 weekly Champions Cup tournaments over a period of 10 months, each with its own points system. The Champions Cup, which includes prestigious tournaments such as Copa Libertadores, Europa League,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Redefine FIFA gameplay
  • Live in, out of and around the game, everything from the club design of the boots on your feet to the boots on your feet of your teammates.
  • Play in state of the art stadiums and the definitive club environment.
  • Download the most immersive, story driven football game in its history
  • Play on new next-gen consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.
  • Cross Platform. Ultimate Team is cross platform.
  • Create and style the largest collection of a football club in history.
  • Port to virtual reality.
  • Play in any position: true 1080p 4K, in virtual reality.
  • Play with your friends in online matches and tournaments.
  • Challenge your friends in over 500 online and offline tournaments.
  • Online multiplayer puts you and your friends in a new game. Create and build your dream club from your living room with friends or embark on thrilling online challenges.

    FIFA Ultimate Team.

  • XBOX One:

    Install FIFA Ultimate Team before FIFA 20. No need to set up the accounts.

    Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Requires an active Gold membership on Xbox Live (if purchasing a disc on Xbox Live it will not work on Xbox One).

    Download free demos so you can play the game by yourself before you purchase.

    Xbox One Download Games; PC Play Games.

    Play offline and limit, protect online gameplay on Xbox 360.

    Online multiplayer modes will work with most Xbox 360 titles (using wireless gaming head.)

    Xbox One. Up to 4 players.

    FIFA 20 will require FIFA Ultimate Team downloaded and installed as EA Access or EA Access Pro members.

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    FIFA Ultimate Team is a revolutionary new way to build, manage, and evolve your very own Ultimate Team, the world’s largest digital team of licensed players. Form your very own FUT squad by choosing from 11 footballing nations from around the globe and use a new way to unlock rewards and new players by completing in-game actions.

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    PAINFUL TRANSITION – The new Engine keeps the gameplay feel fresh and responsive, and was built from the ground up to modernize the genre.

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    FEELING THE FULL FIFA – With the new Animation system, each action is more fluid and lifelike. Create the defining moments in the sport and make the impossible look possible.

    BETTER FACE THE FANS – The new Face Capture feature allows you to easily switch between teammates, and bring more of your personality to the game.

    DAILY UPDATES – Stay in touch with your favourite clubs, leagues, and players to keep the daily transfer window fresh with daily player updates and transfers.


    STRIKE TOWARDS GLORY – In the new Striker Mode, take on the competition and secure your club’s first ever major trophies, create the best league in the world, or get inspired and dominate your local league.


    What’s new:

    • Better Creativity
      – More connected changes to attributes, kits, kit designs. A new tree-like icon system allows you to see at a glance which attributes are affected by changes you make.
    • Made-for-Playmaker
      – Pass it, shoot it, head it. Get better from the first touch with a new dribbling system that lets you adjust touch, power and direction on the field as you spin through the defenders.

      • Improved visual transition.
      • Improved Feel and control for take-ons, dribbles and lay-offs.
      • Workshops, Man Of The Match, Replay and more contextual features are now more accessible.
    • Silverware Chances
      – Prove yourself as the best of the best at the FIFA World Club Series. Play a one of a kind stadium and compete for exclusive FIFA and Pro Clubs titles.
    • Take back the ball – Control the entire pitch with a fluid, intelligent ball control system
    • Smarter AI – Select the right tactics for every situation.
    • Dynamic 3D Match Atmosphere – Enjoy a fully customisable environment that reacts to the intensity of the match.
    • Player Attributes
      • Better fitness-center animations
      • Visual Balance improvements for all player types
      • New camera flow
      • Smart Delivery
      • More realistic ball physics with Smart Delivery
      • Improved decisions and more intuitive, consistent movement
      • Improved camera with better visual fidelity
      • Improved version of the ball physics with active player motion
      • Improved ball deceleration animation
      • Improved player decisions
      • New animations for skills


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      FIFA Soccer (commonly known as FIFA) is a popular video game series that has sold over 100 million copies to date. As of July 2016, it is the best-selling sports game of all time, with almost 43 million copies sold (

      FIFA is a football game, but is available in many other sports (rugby, tennis, cricket, golf, ice hockey, basketball and baseball) and has also featured in FIFA Street (FIFA Street 2) and FIFA Championship Edition (FIFA ’05). From time to time, other games in the franchise also feature football related gameplay or events. FIFA Soccer may be the best-selling football simulation game series, although the gameplay is fairly simple and simple to learn. This is because the aim of the game is to pass, dribble, and shoot at the goal. Football terms such as ‘kicks’ and’spinners’ are also used in some games.


      FIFA Soccer is a popular football game series which has sold over 100 million copies to date. From the start, the game’s gameplay was based on the Nintendo Game Boy version of the game.

      The gameplay had various significant enhancements and refinements in FIFA 97, FIFA 98, FIFA 99 and FIFA 2000. The game is now powered by EA SPORTS™ FIFA ’07 and FIFA ’11, with enhancements coming from EA SPORTS™ FIFA ’15.

      FIFA ’07 introduced minor gameplay changes, such as more precise ball physics.

      FIFA ’10 brought new modes such as the Manager Mode, Discoveries, Pride of Nations, and Look of the Game.

      FIFA ’11 introduced new features such as the crossbar (which shows up as an actual bar during matches), a player performance index, over 60 exclusive player faces, multiple camera angles, reworked player animations, and a more realistic turf feel to the surface of the pitch.

      Powers of FIFA ’13

      FIFA ’13 saw the introduction of the Official Champions League, which provided the best players in Europe to play against one another, and the return of the Brazilian game mode. The career mode of FIFA 2014 was the most significant step forward in the overall experience of the franchise.

      As for FIFA ’14, it received overwhelming critical and commercial acclaim, mostly due to the addition of a


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