A variety of game modes have been introduced to FIFA 22, including new online modes such as FIFA Ultimate Team and FIFA eWorld Cup, and live multiplayer modes across a variety of platforms.

To date, we have published 12 interviews and articles with selected feature creators including the developers behind iconic gameplay systems in the FIFA franchise.

In this next article, we will be introducing the game balance team at EA SPORTS.

Excerpts from an interview with Eiji Aonuma, Executive Producer, Producer of FIFA 20 and lead producer for FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 launches in Japan this week. It’s been a few years since you’ve come over. What’s changed in the past few years? What’s new about FIFA 22?

First of all, many of the individual elements that you see in FIFA 22 are new, and we’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to utilize this creative team’s ideas and concepts. Another big thing is that we’ve been able to utilize a larger team of people for the development of FIFA 22.

Before you used to have a big core team of a maximum of 40 people, and up to 50 people for FIFA 19. But now, FIFA 22 has a team of over 100 people. So that’s a huge difference. For us, it’s really important that we have that many people to use their creativity and energy to create new things.

FIFA World Cup is a very special time for us, since it’s the only game where we’ve got a realistic game mode in a sports game. And in that sense, we want to take advantage of that and utilize all of our talents to continue to make the best FIFA World Cup experience.

As you mentioned, this year’s FIFA World Cup features player dribbling in the shooting animations. In other areas, there are more subtle improvements to how players are portrayed on-screen, including the more detailed head and hair. What improvements have you made to the game’s characters?

We do have quite a big team of people that handles the character models and textures. We’ve expanded that team quite a lot, and in this game we’ve made some improvements to these characters. This year, there’s also more to do with the animations. Our goal is to make the character animations and game dynamics feel more natural


Features Key:

  • Let your intuition run the show as you take control of every football move as you guide your club through to the Champions League – and beyond. Turn every play into the chance to score as you preview your moves before making them. Choose form, shape and fitness parameters on each player and lift the stats to perfection. The rewards are yours to take.
  • Master communication. Use the Ball Command system to dictate play, and improve your defensive techniques with new Move the Ball reactions. When you’ve got a plan on the ball, you can talk it out with your team-mates, reacting to your opponents to change the game at any point.
  • Ever wondered what it takes to lift The Lion of Spain? Or what gives the best goalkeeper the edge? Live out your future as a football manager or literally go beyond the game with a Pro’s career. Whether you choose to manage, play, watch, share or coach, we’ve designed a completely connected experience, through a new and dynamic gameplay system, to make you more engaged than ever before.
  • Partnerless. Take on rival managers, compete against your friends with new online leaderboard functionality, or join a team to play the most authentic of football. Featuring features like ‘Call to Arms,’ which brings together rivals from around the world for explosive online clashes, to ‘FUT Draft,’ where players can conquer the great rivalries of the game from the safety of your sofa.
  • Test your mettle on new and diverse environments, from tropical beaches to the urban jungle.


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What is the FIFA Ultimate Team?

The FIFA Ultimate Team has never been more accessible or more fun. The core gameplay loop has been reinvented to be more flexible, engaging and addictive. Use traditional gameplay modes, team management and, for the first time ever, Daily Deeds to build your dream squad. Relive the thrill of the arena with new party game modes and dynamic Player Stories. Daily challenges, global tournaments and big rewards are just the start of this new frontier of FIFA gameplay.

What is Pass Your Ball?

Pass Your Ball is a new side-scrolling gameplay mode inspired by classic EA SPORTS titles. Enjoy eight-player games with goalkeepers of all levels in which teams are challenged to pass and shoot the ball over long distances, test your skills in lightning-fast games, or play with friends in new and more social ways.

What is Ultimate Team?

Ultimate Team is the dynamic and highly rewarding management mode in Fifa 22 Cracked Accounts. Build your team for the upcoming season from multiple viewpoints. Play in a short, long, or long-short game, navigate the transfer market, or play it any way you want in team-based online matches. Choose your preferred strategy and focus, whether that be through the development of your youth team, or the recruitment of superstar players.

What is GameFace?

Find the best team formations, tactics and actions to perfect your attacking and defending. Quickly and easily create your perfect team, then earn rewards by playing and sharing your team online. Prepare for a game day with GameFace, where you can create a perfect new team to play and compete against other players from around the world.

What is FIFA Street 3?

FIFA Street 3 plays like you’ve never played before, through the eyes of a street footballer. Pull off spectacular moves to progress through and overcome both designed challenges and environmental obstacles, all while immersed in a vibrant and interactive community that’s bursting with personality. With this season of innovation, FIFA Street 3 looks to evolve the gameplay that its growing audience has embraced.

What is Skills?


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• Find the players that matter the most to your chosen club

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What’s new:

  • Adaptive Physically-Based Player Modeling (APBM)
  • Retro Player Control (RPC)
  • 12 Minute Game
  • Dynamic Tactics Controls (DTC)
  • Fluid Defending (FluoD)
  • Legit Kit Creator
  • Improved Online Modes (i.e., Online MUT)
  • New Kit Catalog
  • Hidden XP bonuses
  • Duration of Commercials has increased
  • AI Options in Career Mode – Improved from FIFA 21
  • New Training Room (TUTOR)


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FIFA is the most authentic football experience on any platform. Included with every new copy of FIFA in an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PS3.

The most authentic football experience on any platform. Included with every new copy of FIFA in an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 or PS3.

“In FIFA, it’s the footballers, it’s the stadium, it’s the atmosphere, and it’s FIFA itself,” says producer Oliver “Ollie” Greenshields. “In FIFA 22, the core gameplay is truly a lot more authentic. It’s all about more than a dozen gameplay improvements that will make the most significant difference. The difference is noticeable, and it starts in training mode.”

The focal point is how we recreate the pace and speed of real football. Every aspect of the game has been rethought, with a new backend that now uses Direct X 11 features. The advancements include dynamic shadows, shadows on the grass, flow-lit reflections and higher resolution stadiums.


Visible players

Long range shooting mechanics

Improved ball physics

“If the ball rolls more realistically across the pitch, then defenders will hesitate. With reduced delay time, they may not even notice the shooter has timed a shot. When a shot is deflected, then it’s more likely to remain in the penalty area, or even swing away from goal. Players will naturally follow the ball more closely when its in tighter spaces. If you’ve experienced FIFA 21, you’ll be amazed by how quickly players react in this mode. If you’ve never played FIFA before, the pace will be a real shock. When a player commits to a long-range effort, you’ll notice the ball wobble. When a shot is blocked, you’ll notice how the ball ricochets off of each defender.” says Greenshields. “FIFA in a nutshell – it’s about the core gameplay. Authentic to the true sport, and packed with accuracy.”

The next generation of Career Mode

With improved animations, motion capture and new controls, Career Mode gets better across the board.

With improved animations, motion capture and new controls, Career Mode gets better across the board.

Dynamic decision-making

Robust condition


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