Despite its name, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is not a tool that you can use just for editing icons, as it can also create animated or static cursors, small pixel graphic images and manage icon libraries. This full-featured application can be used for extracting icons and cursors from executable files or converting image formats.
Various picture handling tools
The interface is compact and well-organized, providing you with easy access to all the features, thus the application doesn't pose any problems, even to beginner users. Each time you run it, you are welcomed by the startup screen, where you have to choose the type of item you want to create.
Layer support, together with the collection of editing tools make it a great tool for handling pixel-graphic images. It comes with advanced selection handling (lasso and magic wand tools, marquee, saving/loading selections from files) and a collection of filters (invert, solarize, blur, sharpen, remove matte, bevel, glow etc.) that allows you to enhance your pictures.
Compression and quality configuration
In addition to this, the application comes with anti-aliasing capability, a PNG compression tool (which you can use to create Vista compatible icons), and provides you with various gradient styles for filling shapes. It supports common graphic formats, such as ICO, GIF, CUR, PNG, XPM, BMP or JPEG. The conversion tool enables you to easily migrate between different graphic formats and even create animated cursors.
Besides basic editing functions (cut, copy, paste, flip, rotate), you can also transform selections and crop transparent parts. To make your work easier when designing pixel-graphic images, you can apply a grid to your images.
To end with
Combining ease of use with advanced editing features, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a great tool for designing icons up to 256×256 pixels, managing icon libraries, as well as editing and testing animated cursors.







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Quickly turn icon files into professional shapes! Create professional looking icons and cursors quickly and easily with Greenfish Icon Editor Pro! It features many features including a row of editing tools, layer support, collection of filters, data saving/loading for selections, an anti-aliasing tool, a smart grid, PNG compression tool, and a graphic format support for ICO, GIF, CUR, PNG, XPM, BMP, and JPEG, among others. It is easy to use, with an intuitive interface allowing you to easily create icons and cursors of any size and save them to file.
You can easily create icons and cursors with the help of the toolbar, which comes with a row of icons. With this toolbar, you can easily clip the shape, resize it, rotate it, move it around, flip it, paste it into another shape, and more. If you need to create a huge icon, the toolbar can hold many shapes. Once you’re done, you can save the image to a file, or export it as a pixel graphic.
The application has various editing tools for an easy and quick creation of pixel-graphic images. The toolbox comes with a Photoshop-like selection tool (lasso, magic wand, fill selection, and more) and a selection tool that allows you to remove unwanted parts of the pixel graphic, such as a blurred background or a transparent screen.
Also, the application features filters for color corrections, highlighting, and others. With a smart grid, you can easily make adjustments to your images. And if you are looking to create a pixel graphic, you can start by using a pre-defined grid.
You can easily choose the size of your icons or cursors, and then use a pre-made grid or custom grid, as you like. Once you’re done, you can export your icons to the appropriate file format. Greenfish Icon Editor Pro Features:
1. Create icons and cursors in any shape, size, and scale.
2. Layer support.
3. Smart grid.
4. Collection of filters.
5. Full support for PNG, ICO, BMP, GIF, JPEG, CUR, TIFF, XPM, and AVI files.
6. Drag and drop support.
7. Optimized output for Vista.
8. Anti-aliasing tool.
9. Compression tool.
10. Export to many file formats.
You can also write comments on your files, and create

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 3.12 Download [Updated]

Whether you want to create a cursor for Windows Vista or a new 256×256 pixel icon, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a great tool for doing it. Whether you are into pixel art or simply need a simple tool for creating pixels, this icon editor is for you!
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a comprehensive icon editor with much more to offer than just making icons. It also supports creating vectors and cursors. It also has a built in ZIP compression program for converting your icons to various image formats. It can also create grid layouts for your icons that you can use to assist you in the creation of pixel art. You can even save your current icon’s settings for later use.
Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a great icon editor for the Windows operating system and the creation of small pixel graphics.
Key features:
– Icon Editor
– Create Cursors
– Create Vector Images
– Create Sprite Images
– Drag/Drop support
– RGB / Greyscale Conversion
– Create Clipping Mask
– Highlight & Cheat Sheet
– Advanced Pen Tool
– Create Image Patterns
– Create Layer Styles
– Merge Layers
– Customize Icon
– Lock Selected Icon
– Flatten Layer
– Load Layers
– Collapse Multiple Layers
– Icon Selection
– Apply Layer Styles
– Generate Random Colors
– Generate Random Scales
– Generate Random Opacities
– Generate Random Sizes
– Snap Selection
– Snap Scale
– Merge Layers
– Shadow / Glow / Bevel Effects
– Crop
– Rotate / Flip
– Flush to Top / Bottom / Left / Right
– Scale / Save As
– Pixel Preview
– Grid Layout
– Soft Shadows
– Motion
– Render to PPM
– Alpha Blending
– Alpha Mask
– “Save As”
– “Load Layers”
– “Lock Selected Icon”
– “Flatten Layer”
– “Merge Layers”
– “Add Filter Layer”
– “Add Layer Styles”
– “Apply Layer Styles”
– “Load Icon Library”
– “Create Icon Library”
– “Export Image”
– “Open Icon Library”
– “Create Clipping Mask”
– “Apply Clipping Mask”
– “Set Background Color”
– “Highlight”
– “Mask Selection”
– “Fit Selection to Layer”
– “Cheat Sheet”

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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro – Another Powerful Pixel Editor in the jungle Greenfish Icon Editor Pro is a powerful tool for editing pixel-graphic images. So powerful you will be amazed how easy it is to create, edit and save pixel-graphic images. Greenfish Icon Editor is free and can be used for editing 1, 2, 4 and 8 bit pixel-graphic images.

You can convert images between different graphic formats, create pixel-graphic images in.ico,.bmp,.jpg,.png,.gif,.cur,.xpm and.xbm formats, extract cursors from.exe files, convert images to vector graphics and create a compressed.png image. It can also be used for creating small pixel graphic images and creating a toolbar with static graphic images.

You can easily manipulate image layers, apply a grid, transform selections and even crop transparent parts. Various picture handling tools, such as the layer support, anti-aliasing capability, filters, PNG compression, selecting options, saving/loading selections from files, as well as supporting common graphic formats, like ICO, GIF, CUR, PNG, XPM, BMP and JPEG, will greatly help you in creating and editing pixel-graphic images.

With Greenfish Icon Editor you can easily create, edit and save.ico files with 1, 2, 4 and 8 bit pixel-graphic images. Besides basic editing functions, you can easily transform selections and crop transparent parts, and even use a grid to help you draw pixel-graphic images. And even more, Greenfish Icon Editor provides you with various gradient styles for filling shapes.

In order to end your work in a clear and precise manner, Greenfish Icon Editor also comes with an antialiasing capability, and a PNG compression tool (which you can use to create Vista compatible icons). Additionally, it provides you with a collection of gradient styles that will enable you to add a various look to your pixel-graphic images.

Greenfish Icon Editor features:

– Extract all cursor formats from.exe files
– Resize cursor images to up to 256×256 pixels
– Convert to GIF, CUR, XPM, PNG, JPG, JPEG, BMP or ICO formats
– Use a grid for drawing pixel-graphic images
– Export Ico images directly to folder
– Can be used for making small pixel graphic images
– Create icons from.xpm,.x

What’s New In?

Key Features:
• Full support for Vista
• High-performance Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 2000+ SP1 and XP SP2 and 2003
• A variety of standard graphics formats with support for most graphic format extensions
• Customizable look, with a 16-bit support mode
• PNG compression utility for saving files
• A selection tool with multiple selection shapes
• Anti-aliasing, a marquee tool for selection
• 10 different color palettes
• Build-in gradient stencils
• Cut/copy/paste selection, flip/rotate/flop/swap
• Isolated selection
• Crop transparent parts of the image
• Grid
• Export as BMP, JPEG, ICO, GIF, CUR, XPM, CEL and PNG formats
• Load/save from files
• Smart interface for easy navigation
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System Requirements For Greenfish Icon Editor Pro:

Windows 7
Mac OS X 10.8 or later
Minimum of 1 GB RAM
Basic internet connection
Broadband Internet connection recommended for best performance
Support for Mac OS X El Capitan is not included.
Minimum Windows installation is required for the game.
PC system requirements vary between platforms. Check your platform’s requirements
Minimum PC specifications:
Broadband Internet connection recommended for