Not being able to access a website you want to visit due to your location is quite annoying, so more and more users try to find a way around geographical restrictions. The handiest solution is a proxy or VPN application such as HideAway, which can conceal your real identity and change your computer's IP address.
A VPN solution that can be configured to your liking
The advantages of using a VPN app are obvious: by modifying the IP address, you can bypass firewall and location restrictions while navigating on the Internet anonymously for privacy protection. All these are pluses that HideAway, like any other VPN solution, has. Nevertheless, this particular application brings to the table something quite different, allowing you to set rules and configure the way your Internet traffic is redirected. In other words, it is much more configurable than other applications in the same category.
Use ready-made rules or create your own
An account is required to use HideAway so you will have to take the time to create one. Please note that no 'Connect' button is available. Once logged in, the VPN is active.
Its main window displays all the rules that are active, alongside the total amount of redirected and encrypted traffic.
You can create a new rule with little effort and choose the rerouting server for any application you are running or website you are visiting. If you want suggestions and assistance in this regard, you can use one the list of pre-defined rules, which includes bypassing strategies for video hosting, TV streaming and sports websites, music playback networks, social networks, and more. Additionally, there are pre-set rules for some of the most popular Internet browsers and email clients, as well as security rules for DNS leaking, content delivery networks, or the China firewall.
Customizable rules inside a reliable VPN solution
HideAway makes it possible for you to customize traffic redirection using specific rules for individual applications and webpages. To put it another way, you can route traffic through high-speed servers in different locations, creating a new redirection rule for each app or website.
HideAway also includes a speed testing tool that helps you determine the connection speed for various servers and choose the ones that are faster when redirecting your traffic.







HideAway (Latest)

HideAway works similar to a VPN service, but the big difference is that it is based on dynamic rules rather than static proxies. This means that connections are automatically redirection through various IP addresses according to the traffic you are accessing or the website you are visiting.
For example, you can choose to redirect all the traffic from a site that accepts VPN connections, or all your traffic if you are using a Virtual Private Network service. After it has established a connection to a server that serves a particular type of application or website, HideAway will hide your IP address and let the traffic flow through.
HideAway’s additional feature is dynamic content filtering. When enabled, it works as a proxy server that redirection traffic through safe, trusted and fast servers. This feature does not create separate rules for each application or website, but rather routes traffic from the browser to the currently opened page and content.
HideAway is considered a comprehensive solution to route any type of traffic and offer fast server redirections with automatic updates. It is an easy-to-use application that is available for free. It is compatible with Windows systems and offers a decent connection speed of around 9Mbps (average 2Mbps)
HideAway Pros:
1. Easy-to-use
2. Compatible with different browsers and platforms
3. Available for free
HideAway Cons:
1. Not good for Android users (no key available)
2. Does not have kill switch
3. There is no native application
4. Not all browser extensions are compatible
5. Location can’t be set

Apps With BitTorrent Support

by: M.P.Bower

A good BitTorrent client must have well-designed search tools, a solid torrent site browser, a powerful program for seed/leeching and an easy set-up procedure. I will name the top ten BitTorrent clients that are out there.

BitTorent Xtreme

by: luqun0901

BitTorent Xtreme is a very powerfull BitTorrent client. It has a very advanced search feature and the torrent site browser is very good. You can create your own torrent sites too. You can track a torrent using the URL. The file browser is a very nice feature for Windows.

Azureus 2.8

by: CureDemon

BitTorrent, a free peer-to-peer file sharing software was developed by Bram Cohen, a

HideAway Crack + With Serial Key For PC

HideAway Crack is a free VPN service that provides secure and anonymous access to the Internet through a secure private network. All users are required to create a free account that provides easy access to HideAway’s tools. The free VPN service gives users access to its website and mobile app that redirect the user’s Internet traffic from the internet through a private network. The tool allows a user to quickly browse the Internet and access servers located in several locations all over the world. It supports many different protocols and the connection can be customized with a series of pre-installed firewall rules. HideAway allows a user to choose to hide their real IP address and possibly bypass geo-filters. HideAway uses 256-bit encryption to ensure a safe connection. The free VPN service does not require additional software and the connection can be configured in different ways with the user’s web browser. HideAway works on all devices that are compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android. HideAway works with Windows 8, 8.1, 10, and Windows Server 2012 R2. HideAway is the mobile app that works in all countries worldwide except for countries where the user is restricted by their home ISP. HideAway uses the peer-to-peer VPN technology that allows the user to connect directly to VPN servers throughout the world. HideAway can be accessed anonymously at any time and requires no additional software on the user’s computer. HideAway uses a web browser extension to manage user accounts and to protect the user’s privacy. HideAway’s settings include settings to hide the user’s IP address, bandwidth usage, and DNS leak protection. HideAway is a single sign-on service that can be used to access multiple different networks at once.
HideAway uses up to 256-bit security encryption that ensures a safer connection. HideAway provides a free 14 day trial with unlimited bandwidth, which allows you to test the service’s speed and functionality. HideAway is compatible with Windows and offers a mobile app that works on Android and iOS operating systems.
HideAway currently supports the following networks:
– United States
– United Kingdom
– Germany
– Australia
– Japan
– Brazil
– Canada
– France
– Denmark
– Luxembourg
– Austria
– Netherlands
– Switzerland
– Czech Republic
– Norway
– Sweden
– Singapore
– Spain
– Poland
– Hungary
– South Africa
– Kenya
– Tunisia
– Uganda
– Mexico
– Ireland
– Italy

HideAway Serial Key Free Download

With HideAway, you can easily create a rule that allows you to bypass the location restrictions set by your local network provider. The app is capable of redirecting and encrypting both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, offering the most efficient and reliable VPN service available.
HideAway also offers a Chrome and Opera extension that creates a dedicated VPN tunnel to hide your traffic for the duration you set it. The HideAway Chrome/Opera extension is highly secure because it is impenetrable to VPN log-in credentials.
Note: HideAway still requires a paid $99.95 subscription as of 2018, but an affordable version is available for free. The trial version includes 150 minutes of free browsing time.
Technical Specs:
Subscription: HideAway offers a free plan for a limited time period (30 days). It requires a paid subscription to access most of its features, however, which you can cancel if you’re not satisfied with the paid service.
Email & Password: HideAway requires you to create an account and log in to access it. VPN clients that support email and password login include both Chrome and Opera VPN extensions.
Windows: HideAway is a Mac, iOS, and Android application.
Browser Compatibility: HideAway works with the most common web browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.


Brian. F.



Hideaway is awesome for what it does, mostly. Allows me to access public wifi hotspots.
The only thing I don’t like is the fact that you are not given a free trial.
If I cancel my account, are they going to deactivate all the proxies I have created so I can’t access anything?

Hideaway is awesome for what it does, mostly. Allows me to access public wifi hotspots.
The only thing I don’t like is the fact that you are not given a free trial.
If I cancel my account, are they going to deactivate all the proxies I have created so I can’t access anything?Can’t sleep?

Your eyes?

Oh, you’re full of it.

I live in London. I’ve been up since 4am. So why am I writing?

So my first reply might have seemed short and snarky, but I’m genuinely confused.

The large and imposing

What’s New in the HideAway?

HideAway is an easy to install, reliable, and privacy protection application made for Android devices that allows you to configure the steps for your Internet traffic to be redirected based on certain rules. It features friendly user interface, excellent customer support, and automatic updates to improve the overall performance of the solution.
HideAway is available for free on Google Play Store. For questions, comments, and feedback, you can join our forum. Thank you.
Visit to connect to HideAway servers and browse securely.




For many people access to on-line services such as social networks, online gaming or access to content delivery networks are a necessity, as well as browsing the web without significant restriction. But for others, it is a matter of desire rather than necessity. How do we look at the threat that this may present to us? With only 24 hours in a day, it is hard to imagine that you will find a solution. “But I’m not the most-sophisticated person, I cannot imagine what my ISP is doing to look at the data that I’m sending, it’s a very sensible idea,” he responded. People do not realize how much data is sent on a day-to-day basis – most of it internet browsing, a good part of the time. Just imagine how much information that database contains. And the sad truth is that unless you have a little common sense about how to protect the data in your possession, the next time you are looking for something on the web, you will be presented with a pop-up window and data that you know, even if you do not know, is being collected.
This is why many experts advise that for the moment, your Internet access is not enough. To have a few more kilometers, it is advisable that you have a good, reliable VPN. These applications use advanced technology that allows you to interact with your computer without revealing your IP address to the Internet. Many applications enable their user to create his own rules and govern the way traffic is redirected.
A solution that is recommended by experts
You can ensure your online privacy and security with a good VPN by hiding your identity while browsing the web. With HideAway you can create custom rules to redirect your Internet traffic based on the context of a particular application or website, such as streaming services, online banking, or illegal downloading.
The software is free to use, easy to install and reliable. Although it does not

System Requirements:

1 GB free disk space, 3 GB RAM
Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10
AVG Anti-Virus
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