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Mmm, what a good time we are having today. In this video, we will show you how to hack Roblox using the screen capture API and a little code.
For the more techy people, here’s a list of all the resources used in this video:

I will be opening a marketplace website where users can submit screen captures of bugs for developers to look at. If you’re interested in helping, contact me through this chat website:



Features Key:


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Indeed, I found out my account was in debt and my wallet balance was at zero. I had been playing a lot of races and this game is addictive.

Can anyone give me advice on how to get free robux?


The only way to obtain robux is through playing games, buying things in-game (such as sticker packs and pictures) or by completing quests (which gives you robux).
There are many ways to make free robux:
1. Sell stuff in the Marketplace

As listed in the first option of the Marketplace tab in your store.

I don’t recommend this. Yes, you can sell items to earn more income, but if there are more transactions in the game and less players on the online system, that will increase the wait for a buyer to purchase your item.
2. Sell products to players.

You can sell products to players who come to your game. As a seller, it’s the cheapest way to earn robux. For more information on this, see: Seller

The only catch with this one is that the product’s value depends on how much time it takes to sell your item. The more difficult it is to sell it, the lower its value.
If there are many people in the game, you may want to try to avoid selling the item. If you sell your items too early, it may sell faster than you expected. Or that you could use a product image and wait until the product image is fully sold before you add another image. This could lower the value of the item, but you won’t lose much income because the time to sell will still be the same.
3. Use Free Robux Codes

There are codes (Free Robux Codes) on the internet that allow players to play your game for free. If you aren’t using these, you should be using them.
These codes expire every hour and not all online players are able to access them. Depending on the game you’re using, you may have to wait longer for one to become available. You can use these codes if you are able to keep them on you, but you must use them fast.
4. Buy things and get robux.

As you play, you can be rewarded with robux. If you buy a product with robux, you can sell the item at the Market to earn more robux.
The amount of robux you get depends on the product you’re buying


How To Crack How To Make More Money On Roblox:


System Requirements:

Now, there’s no need to grind or buy Robux in-game to get the Robux, so people have more room to play and enjoy this awesome game. This is all done at the cost of cheating, this version is designed to be used for experimentation, NOTHING MORE!

You can use this app to roll the number of times you need, because this app also has an option to enable Unlimited Robux! Anyone? The FAQ: how to get unlimited robux?

Problems when installing the Mod? If your phone has an error message after installing Roblox Mod, simply don’t install the application and redo the process.


Any problem with this app? If you have any trouble with this, feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]

How to get Unlimited Robux?

Requirements: Android 4.0.0 and up. How to get Unlimited Robux:

Purchase Robux from the in-game store

Save Robux to your account

Invite friends from your account and have them to log in and check out.

Be apart of the robux rolling via friends.

How to confirm items?

Go to the item you wish to confirm and click on it.

The confirmation process will give you the confirmation number for that item.

How to claim Robux?

Go to your account on the website, and click on your account number.

Click on the items tab

Scroll down and select Robux.

Click the Pay button.

Click on the payment confirmation screen.

Confirm the payment in the confirmation screen and wait for the Robux transaction to be processed.


If you are caught cheating with this app, you will be banned from Roblox and can not play on any of the Roblox servers (including Create-a-Player), or you will be sent to our security, where you will be able to delete the data in your Google Account. The only way to get rid of the ban is to delete your app and all the data. If you do NOT delete the app, you will never get permission to install it again, and if you already have the data in your account, you will automatically be banned from ROBUX CRIME HQ.

Thanks a lot for using this app, we hope you enjoy playing


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