ScubaChampion is a lightweight software designed for both beginner and advanced scuba diving enthusiasts who want to search for the perfect diving locations and the operators who can take them to the specified locations.
By using ScubaChampion, you have the possibility to log each dive you take and generate statistics related to your dives. Also, you are able to manage your diving equipment and track its service history.
Furthermore, with the help of the aforementioned application, you can safely plan dives by calculating the oxygen pressure, air consumption and gas supply.







ScubaChampion Latest

– A clean, modern and intuitive interface that allows you to perform all of your operations easily and clearly.
– Attractive graphical widgets provide a convenient way of visualizing all statistics and dive history recorded by the application.
– You can plan dives according to the GPS coordinates where you will travel and the necessary air pressure and oxygen content.
– The underwater GPS navigation system assists in calculating the total distance, the dive track and the approximate dive time.
– The integrated search of the best diving destinations allows you to find detailed information about each area, including diving sites, additional services and equipment rental.
– The list of discovered sites allows you to know whether such a place is suitable for a particular dive.
– The list of approved operators is useful when planning dives that need equipment rental or service.
– ScubaChampion Crack Free Download allows you to track the history of your equipment, dive planning and diving.
– ScubaChampion allows you to manage your diving equipment and track its service history.
– You can plan dives by calculating the oxygen pressure, air consumption and gas supply.
– ScubaChampion provides detailed information about the particular gadget like its battery level, time spent in air and on the current dive.
– This application gives the opportunity to monitor each item on your diving gear through wireless connection and display the data in the dashboard.
– ScubaChampion allows you to share the found places with your friends and get support from them in planning dives.
– Android OS 2.3.3 and up
– Internet connection
– Notepad++ or other text editor
– WiFi connection for data transfer.

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ScubaChampion Crack + Product Key

Create reports on all dives you made and generate statistics
Manage your diving equipment with up-to-date service information
Calculate the demand for gas and oxygen
Set the used equipment model
Use an auto-calculator for gas supply and pressure based on current depth
Optional: Zoom support, text editing, etc.
Search the best dive locations according to your requirements
Plans updates & bug fixes
4 Reviews:

, 31-07-2016


This application is a true eye candy for you, user friendly and informative. It is very easy to use and also easy to find the best locations to go to. The user interface is excellent and very intuitive. I was able to learn how it works after I used it once.
I feel this tool is tailored very well for those who are in the recreational dive market.
5 Stars

, 01-08-2016

Great app!

I’ve used ScubaChampion Crack Keygen since before it’s first release, this has been a life saver and its saved me from getting poor scores on my dives. It has the most detailed records of my dives that I can keep and the timestamps of when I did each dive, plus a to-do list that also dates all of my dives.
The only thing I don’t like about the app is that it can’t be used to dive whenever you want, but instead must be programmed to. However, this is barely noticeable in my experience.
In any case, the app is an amazing dive log keeper, and I would highly recommend it.
4 Stars

, 21-01-2017

Great tool

I’ve used scubachampion for years, and have now recommended it to a few of my friends with no hesitation. What makes this app so good is how it can be used alongside the rest of your dive log, or as a secondary tool to organise your diving.
I use it for just that purpose as I have found that most dive maps are too big for my purpose, or of poor quality (e.g. unreliable) if it is just my own small map.
Once i have entered the diving details then I can click through all the details from the log and see the coral, and then click the’map’ button and have it attached to the specific dive.
I have used this to plan my diving to the best of my ability,

ScubaChampion Crack+ With Registration Code [March-2022]

Main features
– Planning / scheduling dives
– Plan your next dive and automatically determine the dive profile based on required duration, maximum depth, air consumption, oxygen supply and many more
– Plan dive for a specific dive computer or set of accessories
– Schedule dive in advance or on-the-fly
– Set up dive log and record time/date/location/dive profile for every dive
– Generate statistics – dive profile, air consumption and etc.
– Generate navigation plan for tourist area, lakes, cave, shipwreck and many more
– Explore available dive spots and plans
– Plan dive with specific equipment, like the one you’re going to use
– Allow customization of your plan
– You can generate your own weather forecast
– Plots of current and forecast tides, long-term, and short-term for all U.S. coastal areas
– Save your data to the cloud and have access to it from multiple devices
– Review of dives: play, view, print, share
– Forecast information for your planned dives
– Dive location by UTM zone or automatic navigation
– Backup and restore for your data
– Support dive profiles with various needed equipment
– Dive planning equipment selection: air compressor, SCUBA tank, regulator with air and nitrogen mixture, mouthpiece, BC, buoyancy compensator, dive computer, flashlight, spear gun, tank and regulator hose, and fins
– Send diving plans to the dive computer or to a set of accessories
– Bathymetry: fully editable bathymetry maps or search for text and images
– Display dive plan on the screen of your dive computer
– Supported dive computers: Estima and Avera
– Saving all track data to the cloud (Scubazone, Scubapro, Suunto )
– Plan dive trips with specific equipment, like the one you’re going to use
– Plan and record dives with specific equipment
– Sell equipment like the ones you’re going to use
– Backup and restore of your data to the cloud
– Backup and restore to the cloud in the “Plan” app
– Backup and restore to the cloud in the “Sell” app
– Support for third-party apps like Statistic PRO
– Support for other languages such as French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and many more
– Support for SKY and NAVAGO maps
– Support for other databases and devices such as GOOGLE

What’s New In?

ScubaChampion includes features for the following:
* View diving locations around the world and book dives.
* Calculate the oxygen pressure, air consumption and gas consumption.
* Manage equipment and tracking its service history.
* Track and manage your crew on dives.
* You can calculate tank size to support the duration of the dive.
* You can view your diving location in Google Earth.
* You can bookmark diving locations and share the bookmarks via email.
* You can create a calendar to view the diving schedule and all your bookmarked locations.
* You can access the application via both an iPhone and Android.
* All necessary data is stored locally and you don’t need to upload it from your computer.

ScubaChampion Features:
– It has a proper tool to help you select the best diving locations
– By calculating the oxygen pressure, air consumption and gas consumption, you can make a safe planning of your dives
– You can easily view your diving location in Google Earth
– You can share the bookmarks via email.
– This application can handle iPhone and Android devices
– You can create a calendar to view the diving schedule
– You can access the application via an iPhone and Android
– All required data is stored locally and there is no need to upload it from your computer

ScubaChampion for iPhone:
You can easily check the diving location, set destinations, view the diving schedule, view diving locations in Google Earth, bookmark diving locations and share the bookmarks via email.
You can also view your crew members on dives and track the equipment service history.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How do I find out the diving locations?

A: By using the ScubaChampion function “Find a dive location” you can find out the diving locations around the world.

Q: Does ScubaChampion for iPhone show the real location?

A: All bookmarks of a location are shown in the Google Earth.

Q: What is required for my device?

A: ScubaChampion requires an iPhone with iOS 6.0 or above and an Android device with 2.2 or above.

Q: How can I change the saved diving location?

A: You can change the destination by scrolling to the bottom and selecting the desired location.

Q: How can I add/edit the user information of a crew member?

System Requirements:

– Win 98 SE/98/Me/2000/XP with Microsoft.NET Framework 3.0 or higher
– Windows 95/Windows NT/Windows CE/Windows 2000 with the.NET Framework 2.0 or higher
– A Windows 98 SE/98/Me/2000/XP that has a minimum of 2 GB of RAM (4 GB recommended)
– A 1.8 GHz Pentium III or faster processor
– A 2 megapixel webcam with video capture enabled