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Feb 2, 2007 – Cs4 8-inti-15-r1

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PHP push updated values to global variables?

I have these variables in my class.
class foo {
public static $a = ‘default value’;
public static $b = ‘default value’;

Is it possible to update these variables using only PHP?
If I do this
$a = foo::$a = ‘updated value’
$b = foo::$b = ‘updated value’

will the updated values be pushed to the parent class, or will the changes only be visible within the function that updates them?


When a non-static variable in a class is updated, the underlying variable is actually refetched into memory from the class variables array. This is necessary because if you do not refetch the variable, a variable that was changed in the constructor would continue to have its value as if it was still the original value, and then doing foo::$b = ‘updated value’; would actually mean doing foo::$b = $b + ‘updated value’; since your variable is static, the value of the variable in the constructor will be used instead of the actual value of the variable.
This means that if you make the class variable static, you do not need to do $a = foo::$a = ‘updated value’;, you can just do foo::$a = ‘updated value’;.
Class class {
public $a = ‘default value’;
public $b = ‘default value’;

$a = class::$a = ‘updated value’;
$b = class::$b = ‘updated value’;

echo ($a == class::$a)?’static changed

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