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Can I turn a switched Y cable into a thrower?

I have a switch that has a Y cable connected to it and I want to use an extension cord to connect a lamp to the switch instead.


Y cable and extension cords are different things. Extension cords are typically short cables that carry power and/or communications, whereas Y cables are typically used to connect two unused outlets in a switch box.
You are trying to use an extension cord to connect a lamp to a switch box. An extension cord is typically either 240V (though some are 120V) or 12V. Neither of these voltages are compatible with a switch box. If the switch box is 120V, and the bulb you want to use is 240V, you will need a step down transformer to go from 240V to 12V (or invert the polarity). If the switch box is 240V, and the lamp you want to use is 12V, you need a step up transformer to go from 12V to 240V.
If you want to do this with a Y cable (I’m assuming it’s a two wire cable with a switch but I may be wrong), you can. It’s just that it won’t be very powerful or efficient. You may not get anywhere near the amperage of the extension cord, because you have to consider the other components in the cable as well. If a cable comes with a switch, you can typically remove the switch and use a Y cable to go to the switch box instead. If the cable is just a Y cable, you need to be careful not to short anything out.
In your case, there is no Y cable, so you may need to break off the ends and thread them together with a new short wire, then run them to a switch box.


Problems with rails force_ssl on Heroku

When I first start my app, I get this error:
Started GET “/” for at 2013-10-27 05:46:11 -0700
[2013-10-27T05:46:11.086210 #2] INFO — net.ruby-core: net.ruby-core 0.8.6
Traceback (most recent call last):

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What a great e-cookbook! I love my oven, but its a lot of work to keep it up and running well. I had to make a minor update, removed the Dry Bread setting and added a 12 to 17 cup setting, as well as a gluten free setting. I also added more gluten free settings, had an issue with the gluten free recipe on one site, so I included one of the coarsened versions from the gluten free cookbook. I have since replaced the recipe with the one I was using for gluten free. I have also included the oven bread and the No Knead plain bread recipes. They were simply fantastic!Q:

Axis error on rolling bearing

I am having troubles with my motor (Siemens HiTec M101.12). The motor recently failed and I had to fix the chain and then replace the motor. I didn’t manage to get the bearing on the motor working so I am now working with that one, by trial and error.
So, I’ve followed this guide:
But, the problem is that the bearing doesn’t seem to rotate properly, that is, it seems not the correct way. I know that bearings can be stuck on the first and second speeds, and the third one only if the shaft is smaller than the diameter of the bearing. So, I have proceeded to check this and the shaft is around 20cm. I know the shaft is only 1/4 of the diameter of the bearings, so this should not be an issue.
So, what am I doing wrong? Can someone help me with this, please?


It’s quite possible the bearing is stuck because the thrust washers that the bearings were supplied with are missing.
You need to add those to the bearings before you start the motor. You may find some thrust washers in the parts box of a kit for this.

. This is a matter for the sheriff to determine whether further inventory should be taken.
For the reasons stated

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Smart Image Tagger is designed to handle all of your big picture photo problems. The tool uses cutting edge Photo AI technology to automatically organize and tag your large collection of images.

Collage/edited cover with Shutterstock video of a girl playing piano – Repeat Video – Images used for the background:

This is a video I made for someone who wanted a cover montage/background. It’s to show emotion and dress up a cover for people.
You can turn this into any kind of cover you want. It’s very customizable.
I’ve included an editable tutorial so you can modify the video to look exactly how you want to.
I love custom video for music artists, fashion, fashion designers, tutorials, sport, it doesn’t matter what.
The idea is to have the images in the video blend together creating a narrative for your video and creating and immersive video is what we specialize.

Check out my other work!
Say Hello:
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If you have any questions, comments, suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments section, email me, or connect with me on Facebook and Google Plus.

I’ve tried every smartphone app available to help you capture and organize your photo and video albums. I’ve tried everything from the basic (Spotify) to the truly unique (Instagram). But none of the apps do the job as well as RedLaser.
But what is RedLaser?
RedLaser is a free smartphone app from OverDrive (a social book dealer) that allows you to scan any book, get immediate access to full-text (and sometimes even purchase the book directly from Amazon with a tap of a button).
But scanning isn’t all the app does. RedLaser allows you to scan any book and instantly download and install the app on your iPhone, Android or Kindle Fire device. That means you can read the book virtually anywhere you have an internet connection. It could be in the park, the beach, the subway

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Thank you so much. You’ve saved me hours. I ended up contacting some other sites, but this one is better.

Paula Vucinich

Keep up the good work.


Hello Mathew,
As much as I like what you have done so far, I am getting more and more worried about how complex this software is. I think you need to explain what you are doing and just let the users decide if they like it or not. I have a app idea as well but no time to develop it.

My friend Oliver has a web-based app for organizing your photographs, where you can upload unlimited number of photos and tag them just based on the size of the photo, the subject and general categories. Is it similar to yours?

Prabhakar Balaji Kuppatti

Hey thanks for the info. I’m not sure what you mean? I try to keep it simple and functional as possible. I didn’t want to overcomplicate anything. But the no of tags is so huge and to add more tags you need to go through a huge workflow.

Mathew Shiner

Hi there,

You just can’t get this simple with a app. Maybe if you minimized functionality, made it easier, didn’t need to add a slew of tags, or even more reasons this might work.

I didn’t want to over complicate it, although some features may allow you to do that.

For example, when you upload an image, I thought about making this a simple upload and then asking you what you think the subject was. You could then tap that to record a tag that you think is most relevant to the image. This way, you could more easily pick between tags in the future without having to re-run the algorithm. If the combination of tags and subject turns out to be uninteresting, you could then just delete the tag after that. If the image does not have a tag, this would be a great time to assign

System Requirements:

• OS: Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit)
• Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, ATI Radeon HD 3200, Intel HD 4000
• RAM: 1 GB
• DirectX: Version 11
• CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
• Resolution: 1280×800
• Sound Card: DirectX-compatible with uncompressed PCM
• Storage: 300 MB available space
• Graphics: Device: HDMI / DisplayPort 1.2
• Sound: Audio device: Vร้านอาหาร/universal-fast-ping-crack-for-pc/