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Interspire Email Marketer Version 6.1.5 Nulled 30

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I’m not entirely clear on what you are trying to do here but if you are wanting to get data from file.txt to check it is there and then loop through it and output the data into file.txt for later editing, you could do this with the bash scripting language:
if grep -qF ‘/datadump.txt’ file.txt; then
for f in $(cat file.txt); do
grep -i ‘*$f’ file.txt > /tmp/file-temp-data.txt

This would also check for the existence of file.txt and if it is there, would append the data to /tmp/file-temp-data.txt and then loop through the results of that append and output them to /tmp/file-temp-data.txt for later manipulation.
See the manual page for more information.

#include “halib.h”
#include “FxUnit.h”
#include “UiConfig.h”

#include “vdpauhelper.h”

namespace VDP {

bool isadirect = true;
bool direct = true;
bool directdri = false;
bool directgl = true;

bool isFullDma = true;
bool fullDma = true;

bool isFx = true;
bool fx = true;

bool isOpenGL = true;
bool gl = true;
bool nogl = false;

void PrintUsage();
void PrintVersion();
void PrintFloatUsage();
void PrintBufferUsage();
void PrintConfigUsage();
void PrintSettingsUsage();

float fps;

float fps_old;

float video_buffer_left;
float video_buffer_right;

float video_buffer_top;